It’s a mindset.

I sometimes hear from agents that they love the game of negotiations. 


I get that managing the negotiator’s dilemma of balancing competitive and collaborative tactics to achieve the best outcome can, at times, feel a bit like a game; and if we were negotiating on our own behalf, a gamer’s approach would be ok.


But we aren’t. We are negotiating on behalf of our clients and dealing with one of their biggest assets and often have a significant effect on their quality of life.   It’s an honour to do what we do and many of the agents I know take this responsibility seriously.  


To be a true master at negotiations, it takes knowledge, experience, insight, commitment and the right mindset.   While a gamer’s mindset can be valuable to learning and perspective, it lacks the deep commitment needed to ensure the best outcome every time.  There is no start over button in negotiations.   


Perhaps instead of a game, we could see negotiations as a mindset. A place where we optimize our skills to manage the complicated process of getting the best outcome for our client.   We are well paid professionals so let’s commit to delivering on our responsibility to our clients.