We need some new leaders.  In the world, and in our industry.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been writing and speaking about the four steps to survival.  While all the steps remain important, it’s time for Step Four – Lead the Way.

Here is how I described it in a blog post April 2.

Step Four: Lead the way through the crises.  Once you have the other three steps together, we will need to start looking at how real estate will emerge out the other side.  Leaders will need to think differently, see multiple perspectives, let go of what they believe to be true and collaborate with other leaders not just in the real estate industry but in the emerging economy.  The world is going to be different coming out of this than it was going in and real estate is no exception.  I predict exciting changes to our industry as a result of new technology, a reallocation of resources and changes to the way people value their homes.


Leadership is an interesting concept.  People have very different ideas of what leadership means.  I heard a quote early in my years of professional development training that resonated for me:

“You can lead from any seat in the orchestra”  Benjamin Zander, The Art of Possibility.

This is the style of leadership that I aspire to.  It’s in service of other people, it allows others to participate fully, it encourages people’s strength and contributions, and it is highly impactful.

As REALTORS®, you are each the leader in your own life.   In addition, you lead your clients in the process of making important housing decisions.  Those decisions have become more complicated during the pandemic and ensuing social unrest and are likely to remain complicated during the uncertainty of the emerging market, society and economy.


What leadership style will you choose as we continue on this chaotic journey?