To Live and Work Deliberately

What I notice most after our time in the Wilderness this past week is how busy, frenetic and distracted people are when I speak with them.

Our world has become a complicated place with millions of things vying for our attention.  Between the phone, the emails, the text messages, the social media pings, and the expectations placed on us by clients, friends and family – it feels like there is no space to just be.

And yet, every bit of research on the subject of performance tells us that we need to create space and allow our attention, both directed and intuitive, to be focused on our important work.

When I reflect on the very high performing real estate agents I work with personally, they all have one thing in common:  They are committed to acting deliberately.

To be deliberate means to act consciously and intentionally.

You can be sure that many distractions will come at you each and every day and most of those distractions will move you away from your goals.

Living deliberately means creating the space to choose what you do instead of reacting to what shows up.

I think that this is critical in real estate especially if success for you is a balance of making great money, having an enjoyable lifestyle and a healthy state of being.

Some examples of living deliberately as a real estate professional may be:

There are of course thousands of other examples.

The hard part is having the courage to be more deliberate but the payback to you, your clients, your friends and your family is worth the effort.