Want to win more listings?   Simply make people feel at ease!


Tracy Arnett, team leader of Arnett Realty in Ottawa and one of our top coaches had this to say this week when asked what she does on a listing appointment that earns her the listing nearly every time:

“I make them feel at ease.”

It seems almost too simple so I reached out to some of our other top producing clients who are prolific listing agents and asked them the same question.

“It’s a human being on the other side of the table”

“I enjoy getting to know them and understanding their unique situation”

“I spend the time to build rapport and trust with them”

“I look for things that we have in common”

None of them answered with a five step process that works for them every time. Many real estate trainers will try to teach you how to do a listing presentation, but the skill of getting people to like and trust you quickly, and relax their guard, is far more urgent and valuable.

So, how do you make people feel at ease?

If you are sitting at the table, or in a web based meeting room telling your seller prospects how great you are and how you are going to get them the most money, in the least amount of time with the fewest problems and they are not feeling at ease – you will lose the listing to the skilled presenter every time.

Want to learn more, feel free to email me suzecumming@shaw.ca and request a free copy of our coveted Listing presentation resource paper.