For an industry filled with vibrant, people-minded and outstandingly diverse individuals, Real Estate is oddly lacking in creative marketing.

As we’ve discussed before (prospecting vs. marketing), marketing alone will not land you clients. As I see it, the power of marketing is in building familiarity, recognition, and trust within your target audience, which prospecting and being authentic and engaged will then solidify into a relationship.

Given that the role of your marketing strategy is to build familiarity- you have a lot more freedom with your messaging than the classic call of ‘work with me!’ or ‘I am a realtor’. So I’ll challenge you with the question: what message do you want to be recognized for?

You can go deep, be more complex, and be creative.

Create an identity, a feeling, an atmosphere, a culture.

Who are you as a realtor and what do clients love about working with you?

How can you share that in a relevant way?

Some of the strongest marketing is not about the product, but about the idea. Think of this 1984 apple commercial.

So how do we manifest this in Real Estate, and what message do you want to be recognized for?