Micro Insights on AI = Artificial Intimacy, Lawsuits, and Me

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MICRO Insights

AI = Artificial Intimacy

Technology is damaging our ability to connect and build meaningful relationship.  Ester Perel, psychotherapist, best-selling author, and massive social influencer has coined the term artificial intimacy to capture how many of our human connections are meaningless and disingenuous.   “I can have 1000 virtual friends but no one to feed my cat, nobody to go and pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, but 1000 people who are giving me likes and love online.   Brene Brown is also sounding the alarm on this emerging social reality, calling it Counterfeit Connection.     You can catch these two phenomenal people sharing thoughts in this remarkable Podcast.

Success in real estate depends on your ability to attract, connect, and build trust with human beings.  The good news is that human connection fuels both our business success and our personal inner happiness.   Life in real estate can be wonderful when you let go of the suffering associated with disingenuous social interactions (Counterfeit Connection and Artificial Intimacy) and replace them with authentic relationships.  Master your humanizing skills, have meaningful conversations ,and live a successful and guilt free life.   

De-Coupling of Commissions Simply Means You Need to Know Your Value:

NAR has made a settlement offer that includes a ban on communicating cooperating commissions through the MLS.   This has the potential to change everything about real estate.  Social media in the US is overwhelmed with thoughts, opinions and solutions from the 1.6 million realtors licensed in America.  Many are offering some sort of workaround that will solve the problem. You can be sure that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is viewing all of this and is likely to intervene and force a more restrictive covenant on the real estate transaction process.   

Whatever happens south of the border will affect us here in Canada in the coming months and years.    While we can’t do much about the power to be fixing the anti-competitive and inherent conflict of interest in real estate, we can prepare for a real estate world that is aligned with fair and equitable business practices.   Yes, you’ll need to be able to tell a buyer how much you charge for your services and why you are worth that much – just like every other businessperson working in a capitalist economy.    Get on this now and you will continue to thrive in real estate.     The PREN course focusses on this.

The Real Estate Industry – Inside Out

I have just received my real estate license in BC.  I was first licensed in 1985 and made the decision to be unlicensed in 2008 when I started The Nature of Real Estate.  At that time, being an insider felt like a barrier to having the impact I envisioned.  Fast forward to 2023 where organized real estate is under pressure from technological disrupters, class action lawsuits and government interventions creating an existential threat to their sustainability.  Their response to this is more protection, more restrictions, and more rules.  I now feel that I need to be on the inside to have continued impact.  

So, I am officially licensed as a REALTOR® with Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty in Victoria.   My work with The Nature of Real Estate will continue and will evolve with our changing industry.  

Pursue Happiness to Achieve Success
Pursue Success to Achieve Happiness. 


As I ponder my emerging chapter as a modern elder bringing my wisdom to the world, this is one of my daily mantras.