Real Estate better be about more than just getting clients.

Every coaching and training organization out there is selling you on easy ways to generate leads, build a sales funnel, prospect and use scripts to coerce people into working with you.

No one is teaching you to be a better REALTOR®.

If this continues, the proverbial fear we all feel about being replaced by technology will come true because if we aren’t excellent at what we do, we have no significant value.   It’s nice that we drive people around and help them shop for a new home and then fill in some blanks in an offer form but that’s only a little bit better than being an order taker.   I wonder what order takers get paid?

I KNOW that a great REALTOR® who has excellent skills, deep understanding and empathy, and a commitment to an ethical approach offers an incredibly valuable service to the people who buy and sell real estate with them.  Our ability to problem solve, negotiate, and see multiple perspectives, combined with our courage to operate from a place of truth and integrity will always get our clients a significantly better outcome.

If our industry is to survive and thrive, we need to be helping REALTORS® learn these skills.

At The Nature of Real Estate, this has always been our mission. We have successfully run thousands of REALTORS® through our programs and we know that not only does the ethical approach improve our competence, our confidence and our reputation with potential clients, it also has an astonishingly positive effect on the bottom line profitability of a real estate business.  See these testimonials for proof.

Are you serious about building a professional, sustainable, long game real estate practice?  Let’s talk.  We have a small select team of coaching professionals.  Perhaps one of us could help you build the business you’ve always dreamed about.

Suze, our founder, and the Canadian Negotiation guru, is opening up two spots on her coaching roster.  This is only for highly motivated people who are willing to do the work to build something special.  The cost is $1500 per month for a six-month commitment.  Acceptance is by application only.