Real estate is more than getting leads.

There is a lot of noise in the world of real estate about getting leads. You can buy ’em, get ’em through social media or website conversion, use old school techniques of talking to people or join a team so you get them given to you. There are endless ways of finding people who need to buy and sell real estate and it’s not really that difficult to do.


But, if real estate remains about getting leads, our value will diminish and our vulnerability to uberization and obsolescence will increase.

If we are to survive and thrive as an industry, we need to get excellent at the actual selling of real estate. We need to have strategies that are brilliant. We need to have negotiation skills that are exceptional. We need to have the confidence to get inside our clients’ hearts and heads and help them make important decisions.

We need to have deep legal knowledge so that we can protect our clients and we need to know a lot about our trading areas, municipal zoning, demographics and a myriad of other topics that allow us to truly represent the people who trust us to do that.

16-10-20-more-than-getting-leads2What if, as an industry, we decided to be excellent at the things computers can’t do?