There are two possible reasons that your phone doesn’t ring.

  1. You have no clients, customers or prospects that want to talk to you.
  2. You have taken care of all of your clients, customers and prospects desires and they don’t need to talk to you.

What should you do?

Number one:  Get some clients, customers and prospects that want to talk to you by calling people and using your master sales skills to build rapport and relationship. Be real, be yourself and be curious.

Number two:  Congratulations.  You have reached a place of customer service excellence and you are free to enjoy some time with your phone turned off.  You’ve earned it.

Real Estate agents that are stuck in the middle are much less enjoyable to be around socially.  Their phones ring all the time.  They go from one crises to another.  Running between a worried or distraught client and a frantic cooperating agent.  Take a cue from the very top agents and notice how little their phone rings.  They’ve taken care of business and have earned the right to be calm and free from interruptions.

Of course – there are times that we are “on” offers and are using the phone as a primary communication device but this is our work time and not eating away at our social time.