Across the country, I hear from many agents that are struggling to find ways to have sales conversations. They don’t want to cold call, they don’t want to warm call, they don’t want to talk about real estate at social events…the list goes on.  The reason they don’t want to initiate a sales conversation is that they feel they will be imposing and coming across as pushy or salesy (considering that this word doesn’t exist in any official dictionary, it’s interesting that I have heard it used 36 times in the past 3 months).

Out and About is a prospecting activity that we assign to people who are generally outgoing but don’t want to be perceived as selling.

Here’s how it goes:

reaching customerDay One:  Choose a mindset of curiosity.  Get yourself in an upbeat mood and decide that you are going to have a conversation with at least three people in the next couple of hours.  The conversation does not need to be about real estate.  You may find people out in their garden, they may be waiting in line at the coffee shop, or they could be in the grocery store struggling to reach something on a high shelf.  Your job is to look for opportunities to interact and then have the courage to give it a try.

Make it all about them, ask them questions that make them feel comfortable, be real, be curious, and be kind. And then, take note of what happens.

Day Two:  Choose a mindset of curiosity. Get yourself in an upbeat mood and set out to have three conversations again.  The only young gardenerdifference between Day One and Day Two is that your goal is to try and get them to ask you what you do for a living.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out.

Check in next week as Dear Zuess reflects on the Fee for Service Model – is this the answer for Realtors® who don’t want to sell?