Last week we reflected on Andrew Carnegie’s idea that Reality is Negotiable.  We had you write out what your ideal reality would be like and to reflect on the idea that you have a choice in how your reality unfolds.

So, once you know what you want, how do you go about getting it?

This is where The Nature of Real Estate diverges from the pack in some very fundamental ways. We know that strengths, values, skills and past experience matter when it comes to success.

The word Nature in our name speaks well to this part of our philosophy.  We know that if you build your real estate business on your natural strengths, you will obtain sustainable success.

So, the next step in the process is to take inventory of what we have now that’s good.

What are our natural strengths?

What are we good at?  What gives us energy and unleashes our productivity and our creativity?

There are a number of avenues down which we can travel to discover our natural strengths.

Let’s do an exercise that reflects on current and past successes:

Step one:       Write down three things that you are good at.  They could be real estate oriented or not.  No one is watching, so be boastful and write them down with pride!

Step two:        Read them over and ask yourself, what is the natural strength that I have that is underneath my success in this area.  This may take a bit of effort or feel a bit counter intuitive.  That’s ok –  a touch of discomfort is good for the aspiring real estate agent.

Step three:     With the list of natural strengths in hand, ask yourself:

How am I using these gifts now in my business (in my life)?

How can I use these strengths more in my business (in my life)?

What would it feel like if I could use these natural strengths more in my day to day business and life?

Step four:        Develop specific actions that you could do in your real estate business that would use your natural strengths and get you in action towards obtaining your desired results.


Strength:  Social Intelligence:  spend more time in intimate conversations with people that may be buying or selling.  Your ability to understand them and respond to their issues with compassion will make them want to work with you.

Strength: Creativity/originality:  Exceptional marketing material will help you stand apart from the crowd.  Find a way to get your ideas out to the people who will appreciate them.

Strength: Bravery/courage:  Use this strength to reach out to the people that you know need to buy or sell and use this courage to ask the tough questions. This will help your clients make great decisions.

Strength:  Humour/playfulness:  Create amazing experiences for your clients to help make the process more enjoyable and less stressful and enjoy an abundance of referrals.

Did you do the exercise?  Congratulations.  You are well on your way towards your ideal reality.  Want to know if you have what it takes to succeed in Real Estate?  Go the website and “take the test.”  It’s fun and lighthearted.  Check back for next steps in the upcoming blog posts.