The natural world extends beyond the wilderness.

The nature of things, the nature of situations, the nature of people; these are the things that we need to understand and align with if we are to find meaningful and sustainable success.

How does Nature and Wilderness Fuel Business Success?





16.06.02 How does Nature and Wilderness Fuel Business

The wilderness immerses us in a natural world that we do not control. It is governed by its own ecosystem in which humans play little or no part.  When we give up control we are given the opportunity to see things in new ways, let go of our limiting assumptions and watch our resistance to new ideas dissolve.

I will be taking a small group of top performing REALTORS® into the wilderness of British Columbia this September.  This will be a four day professional development experience designed to create breakthrough thinking, multi-dimensional learning, quantum growth and exponential fun.

When we leave our urban routine, our technology and our familiar relationships behind, amazing things become possible.

Interested?  Click here for details and email Suze to see if this is a good fit for you.