Two New Certifications for Real Estate Negotiations

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Negotiation Certification Courses for Real Estate Professionals 


Earn a competitive advantage in real estate.  

Skills are the currency of post-pandemic business, and negotiation skills are a real estate agent’s superpower.

With a more complex and volatile market, you can’t afford to be without negotiation skills; Both to earn the business and to reach successful outcomes for your clients and yourself.

We have two new certification courses, and the content in these courses is remarkable. You will learn what it takes to earn business and get transactions done in this market. The effects of this learning will be immediate and significant.

What are the benefits of Professional Certifications?

  • Validation of knowledge and skill
  • Different yourself from your competition
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Improved reputation
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased power
  • Respect from colleagues
  • Earn more money
  • Increased marketability

The two new courses and certifications are:

  1. Negotiation Foundations for Real Estate, which earns you the Accredited Real Estate Negotiator Certification. Click here for Syllabus.
  1. Advanced Negotiations for Real Estate Presentations, which earns you the Professional Real Estate Negotiator Certification. Click here for Syllabus.

A third course in the design stage will earn you the Master Real Estate Negotiator and will be released in the coming weeks.  

 “Third Party validation of skills is far more powerful than self-promotion of knowledge.”

Many of you have already earned the CNE or the MCNE certification with us or taken the most recent negotiation and dealmaking courses. While the new courses go well beyond the knowledge and skills taught in these courses, credit will be given towards these new certifications as follows:

If you have earned the MCNE, you will automatically receive the AREN certification. 

If you have earned the CNE and taken one additional course in negotiation with us, you will automatically receive the AREN certification.

You will receive the AREN certification if you have taken the Dealmaking Foundations course.

If you have earned the CNE and have yet to take any other courses, you are eligible for a free update course to earn your AREN certification. To get this course for free, you must take it before the end of March 2023. After that, there will be a $99 fee. This two-hour course will refresh your negotiation skills and update them for this market.

You will receive a direct email in the next four days if you qualify for one of these credits. 

If you believe you are eligible and don’t receive an email, check your spam file and email us here.

Here are the Logos for the New Certifications.