You have no choice in a negotiation.

We choose the clients we work with, the colleagues we communicate with and the friends we spend time with.

We do not get to choose our negotiation counterparts.

When our buyer wants to buy a house, we have the responsibility to negotiate with the listing agent – whether we like them or not. When our seller wants to sell we have the responsibility to use our negotiation tactics with the buyer’s agent even if their negotiation style is unpleasant or difficult to understand.

This is what we get paid to do.

Your negotiation counterpart will come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they will be collaborative, creative and kind. Sometimes they will be aggressive, competitive and manipulative. They may be from a different generation and communicate very differently than you do. They may be from a different culture and have different negotiation processes and approaches. We have no idea who will show up on the other side of the table and it is our responsibility to have the skills and negotiation tactics to deal with all possible negotiation situations.

Angry rivals

Mastering negotiation skills is how you become a successful real estate agent.

By having a thorough understanding of negotiation tactics, we can be far more strategic on behalf of our clients. This gives us the opportunity to plan ahead, see the other side’s strategy and help our clients make excellent decisions.

Our clients need and want us to be excellent at negotiating. Their home  is often their biggest asset and they deserve to have a real estate professional who has the skills to negotiate expertly on their behalf.

Get the skills. The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)® and Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE)® are happening in Vancouver in May and in Toronto in June.

If you have taken the courses and want to take your skills to the next level, consider real estate coaching with a highly successful Nature of Real Estate coach. We offer a no obligation free coaching consultation.