Dear Zuess,

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  I’m sending out emails, I’m posting on social media, I’m writing my blog, I’m viewing homes, I’m mailing out flyers, I’m speaking to other agents.  I’m busy, but I’m not selling any homes! I get great feedback on my content but no solid leads.  Is it just a wait and see game or am I missing something here?

Announcing hashtag messages


Hey Darlene,

The world has become a very noisy place.  I don’t mean loud noises that hurt our ears but noise as a metaphor for far too much information. 

Our lives are overflowing with emails, posts, text messages, likes, suggestions, tweets, pins and more.  Your chances of being heard amongst all of this noise is nearly nil.

Your only chance to cut through the noise is human contact.

Human contact involves making a human connection with another person.  Whether you do it in person, on the phone or by video conferencing doesn’t matter nearly as much as doing it and mastering it.

By all means, throw some noise into the arena but if you want someone to listen to it, commit to making human contact.  It’s the only way.