It’s Wednesday morning and the US election results are surprising. By the time this is published on Thursday afternoon you will likely have shared many thoughts with people about this massive change that the US electorate has chosen.


The world changes constantly and the rate of change may accelerate in the wake of this vote. Whether you view it as a revolution, a mutation or disaster depends on your political views and the following days, weeks and months will tell us more.

As I flip through texts, posts tweets and e-mails from friends, family and colleagues, many are shocked and dismayed while others are just now sharing their thoughts openly as they feel their views are now acknowledged by the outcome of the vote. I’m surprised and I wonder how to respond.

Change is certain, and change can bring forth divisiveness in our communities. I think it is important to see that everyone, regardless of their political views, is also trying to navigate this change.

I choose to be the observer of that change and keep an open mind. This isn’t about accepting things that are in conflict with my value, it is about maximizing my adaptability and ingenuity through an open and curious mindset.

Perhaps Trump will build America into a beautiful shiny skyscraper that is the envy of the world. Perhaps he will try and fail and we will face dark days and either way, we need to be our very best so that we can respond to whatever shows up because what shows up might need us to be at our very best.