Successful means different things to different people but a foundation of financial security is essential regardless of what matters to you.

For me, success is the freedom to choose what I want my life to be like.

Worrying about money interferes with your freedom to make choices and therefore keeps you from experiencing success.

Success begins with a mindset, evolves to a goal and then a plan to earn the financial means to reach that goal.  Whether your goal is to be the top agent in your area, bank a million dollars, experience what the world has to offer or have a positive impact on a social issue that is important to you, making enough money is going to matter.

For me, making that money without compromising any of my personal values is also an important aspect of success.

The amazing thing about real estate is that it gives us a chance to earn great money while delivering a valuable service to people and having a positive impact on everyone involved in the transaction.  That’s pretty special and when we embrace that, amazing things can and do happen.

Chris Smith, Founder of Curaytor, earned a spot for his company on the Inc. 500 – America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list.  Chris wrote about the 7 reasons for his success and I see strong parallels to building a successful real estate practice.  His points:  Passion, Service is Marketing, Design Matters, Content is King, Sales that isn’t Sleazy, Blue Ocean Strategy and a Willingness to Change. It’s worth a read.

Curaytor is a company that gets REALTORS® leads.  They are good at what they do and if you have the means, they are worth looking into.  It’s not expensive but it costs a lot and it should.   To succeed in real estate, you need leads.  There are thousands of ways to get leads (and some won’t cost you a penny) but getting leads is a starting point in real estate, not the end game.

For success in real estate you need a reliable way to get leads and then you need the skills, the mindset and the resources to connect with people, deliver incredible service, be a skilled deal maker, problem solver and negotiator and inspire your connections to refer you to their connections.   At the Nature of Real Estate, we specialize in helping you do all of that.