Stop Sign

Dear Zuess:

I’ve heard you speak about the power of a two stop listing presentation.  I do a one stop and I worry that if I start doing the two stop that I may open myself up to be scooped by  a savvy competitor.   I see your point about getting to know the prospect’s needs better and looking for powerful commonalities, but is it really worth the risk?


Hi Tory,

You’ve raised a great point!  I think that it is important to be prepared for a one stop with all your listing appointments.  Always have the listing papers on hand, being prepared, if the opportunity arises, to get the listing signed.

If you extend the process of the listing appointment time over two visits, I agree – you add some risk that the prospect could list with someone else during the interim time.  In most cases, it is unlikely as you have, ideally, built good rapport in your first visit and they want to see you again.

The risks would be the biggest if the prospect was either highly motivated or had short time lines. If you fail to pick up on those factors, you may not have built a level of rapport that the prospect would feel confident in.  Great qualifying questions would make these specific factors obvious to you, at which point you could decide to go ahead and close for the listing on the first stop.

The benefits of the two stop listing presentation are significant and worthy of consideration if you want to increase your conversion rates from appointment to listing.  The additional information that you acquire during the first stop can give you the winning edge over your competitors.

Having said that, several of our highly productive agents who work in the middle range of the market, work with a one stop format.  It works for them because they are excellent at reading people quickly, building instant rapport and their presentations skills are powerful.

I’d love to hear from others on what works for them!