We all know if we consistently had conversations with people about real estate we would find people who need to buy and sell and we would create great businesses and lives for ourselves.

And yet, most of us are unable to do it consistently or unable to do it at all.

We tell ourselves we are too busy, today is not the right day, if we just do this one thing first, and then we will be better prepared.

Sound familiar?

This is sales resistance and it is the number one thing keeping real estate agents from reaching their potential. In most cases, it is the only thing holding real estate agents back from the success they dream of.

Resistance to prospecting is real.

Resistance to Prospecting

It is caused by fear. It could be fear of many things but here are a few of the most common:

Fear of: being rejected, being ashamed, feeling stupid, being left out, being embarrassed, being hurt, or being overwhelmed.

These feelings are real.

The common coaching practice of merely pushing through this resistance will likely increase your fear, cause anxiety and could possibly jeopardize your health. You may get a few leads but at what cost?

Modern research tells us there is another way. If we are able to dissolve the fear and create a more comfortable way to have conversations with people about real estate, not only will you be able to do the work, but you will enjoy it and become excellent at it as a result.

Here is the key piece:

You need to develop the skills to have great conversations. We call them Deliberate Conversations ©. People are natural connectors and if they don’t feel like you are trying to coerce them they will be happy to engage in a conversation that has meaning to them. Most sales people have conversations meant to benefit the salesperson, not the other way around. No wonder people don’t like talking to them.

Once you have developed the skills to have great conversations other people enjoy engaging in, you will find your resistance to reach out to people will begin to dissolve and it won’t take long until you actually enjoy this important element of our work as REALTORS.

At The Nature of Real Estate our coaches can help you excel while working with you to dissolve the fears surrounding client prospecting.

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