A woman stretches against a bench on a hill overlooking a bay at sunset.

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”

I find myself uttering these words under my breath as I try to prepare for the upcoming ski season.  Squats, crunches, burpees, more squats.


When I reframe it and imagine the weakness actually leaving my body and being replaced with strength, it makes it easier.

How we choose to look at things matters.  See it has hard, miserable, or nasty and that will come to be.  See it as the most effective pathway to our goals and all of a sudden it’s much easier to do.  Reality is negotiable and we can choose to reframe our reality anytime we wish. This is true of things which are uncomfortable.

“Discomfort is just a new habit being developed.”

Business development, aka prospecting, is uncomfortable for most people; myself included.  The only difference between those who actively reach out and have conversations with people about real estate and those who don’t:  A successful habit and hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.

As you sit pondering all the reasons that you shouldn’t reach out to people about real estate and as you fill your days with busy low-value real estate activities, ask yourself this. Am I just finding a complicated way of avoiding the discomfort? If so, what would happen if you imagined the discomfort leaving your thoughts and being replaced with a new habit that would easily deliver all of your wildest desires? Or at least a wonderful real estate practice?

My ski coach – reframing my acute leg burning – while training for the annual Peak to Valley GS race on Whistler.