A REALTORS® Guide to Peak Performance

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Written 65% Suze, 35% AI

Maximizing Cognitive Energy: a REALTORS® Guide to Peak Performance

Are you languishing?  Want to energize your business?  The key may lie in managing and maximizing your cognitive energy.
Cognitive energy refers to the mental capacity and focus individuals utilize to perform tasks, make decisions, and maintain concentration throughout the day.   

The main factors that diminish this energy source are stress, distractions, fatigue, and multi-tasking – all of which are abundant in our day to day lives as entrepreneurs.

With so many choices about what to do and how to spend our time, we may find ourselves spinning around on the proverbial hamster wheel with little or no productivity.  We feel busy and we allow this to justify our lack of production.  

As entrepreneurs, busy doesn’t matter.   Productivity does.   

If you want to step off the hamster wheel and start selling more real estate, it’s as simple as doing and measuring the activities that will lead to successful sales.   

This isn’t tweaking your website or updating your database.   Here are the things you need to do to succeed:

  • Have meaningful conversations with people about real estate.  
  • Learn the communication skills to engage, build trust and respect and activate the law of attraction.
  • Master your listing and buyer presentations.
  • Understand macro and micro market information.
  • Build successful strategic approaches for sellers and buyers.
  • Gain the skills for successful offer negotiations.
  • Understand human psychology, personality types and confirmation biases.
  • Master self-management and emotional intelligence.

Everything else is just filler.   While some administrative work does need to happen, do it in your low energy hours, or outsource it.  

When you prioritize activities that contribute directly to your productivity, you’ll feel more energized, more confident and others will begin to perceive you as more professional.   This begins the upward spiral of success where our actions increase our energy, and our increased energy allows us to be more productive.   This is sometimes referred to as a state of flow and once you have experience this you will never want to languish on the hamster wheel again.

Is it easy?  It’s a choice.  You can make it hard by focussing on the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t, or you can make it easy by letting go of old patterns, finding the way you can, and stepping into the life you want. 

As entrepreneurs, busy doesn’t matter.   Productivity does.