If you want to be excellent, you must first learn the skills and then practice.
Imagine a pro football team with a brilliant play but they’ve never practiced and they’ve never developed the skills to execute.
Imagine a politician giving an important campaign speech “cuffing it” from his notes or worse, just plain forgetting his points?

Why do some real estate agents expect to win lucrative contracts without having practiced a single presentation? If you want to be excellent you need high level presentation skills, you must first learn these skills and then practice these skills. Repetition produces a more natural and relaxed presentation. You could practice on real life qualified home sellers but that’s like practicing in the big game or at the concert hall. Beat your competition consistently with a simple routine of learn, practice, reflect, learn, practice, reflect….

Role playing, recording video of your presentation, joining master mind groups, signing up for coaching – there are many ways to practice without wasting a qualified seller appointment.