Dear Zuess,

I was hanging around the office today and an agent mentioned their prelist package.   I smiled and pretended I knew exactly what they were talking about, but I don’t have a clue – what is a prelist package? And, what do you use it for?



Dear Leone,

I can almost feel the curiosity bubbling within you as you made the decision to smile and pretend to be in the know.  I am curious, what kept you from asking?  Was it intimidation? Confusion? Or, the fear of being seen as an imposter?

My best advice is to find the courage to ask your colleagues for information.  Not only will you learn the ropes of the real estate business a lot faster, you’ll discover mentors who will become invested in your success.  See last week’s blog to find out more about this technique.

But, on to your question.  A pre-list package is a collection of material (paper or digital) that you deliver to the homeowner either before your one stop presentation or on the first stop of your two stop presentation.  The purpose of the pre-list package is to provide the homeowner with information, to pique their curiosity about you and your team or company, and to highlight that you are professional.  Some home owners read it, many do not. Even if they don’t read it, it may have value to them.

A list of things that you may consider putting in your prelist package include a cover letter, a picture of the subject property, a sample marketing plan including premium custom service, a personal biography or resume, team benefits, company benefits, staging guidelines, testimonials, sample legal forms, URL address for the property, moving checklist, and myriad of additional possibilities. This is a great opportunity for you to show your stuff. It also clears the way for you to focus on them in the actual listing presentation.


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