How has your business changed lately? What will change next?



The world is changing faster than ever. So fast, some say, that it’s not worth settling into any state other than a state of constant change.


In the past, the standard approach has been to learn the system. But, when the system is full of uncertainty, maybe it’s better to learn how to stay in constant motion, staying highly engaged with the changes that are happening and aligning your own momentum with the momentum of shifting markets, cultures, norms and technologies.


An interesting piece that comes into this is passion. We see that REALTORS who hold a deep fascination with every element of housing economics, emerging tech models, property law, housing rights, cultural changes, community evolution, and so on are driven by passion to be totally on top of these changes, meaning they’re at the forefront of adapting.

Those same realtors are sensitively attuned to what their clients need and use that information to pivot their businesses and be the best at meeting those needs.


A big part of the New Programs we’re launching, from the Negotiation Mastermind to Coach and Leader Training, to the new programs Suze is currently writing.


Here’s what we’re seeing is working for the most adaptable agents we know:

  1. Be well researched, tuned in, and open to changes that are happening anywhere in the landscape of housing
  2. Stay People focused – always be listening to what your clients want, need, and are facing as challenges
  3. Keep getting educated – skills and knowledge are always changing, the more tools you have the better
  4. Don’t get caught up in old skill sets- being excellent in the past makes it easier to be excellent now, so long as you can pivot your skill set towards new uses.