Andrew Carnegie

Welcome to The Nature of Real Estate. Our first blog post! In a world littered with information being offered with the lightly veiled agenda of selling you some sort of product or service, I wondered, what could I offer you on a blog that would be of real value?

We are a real estate coaching and training company that boasts of our ability to turn real estate agents into millionaires. We use the word millionaires as a symbol for abundance. Abundance of money, obviously but also an abundance of time, freedom, capacity, joy; basically, an abundance of whatever is uniquely important to you.

So, it follows that the blog ought to help you shift into this place of abundance that we know is available to everyone who chooses to believe it.

So let’s start there with choice. Andrew Carnegie wrote:

“Reality is Negotiable”

What does this mean to you?
Take a moment to reflect on this.
Stop reading this blog.
Look out a window – – – and ask yourself,
“ what does this mean to me?”



If we believe that reality is negotiable, then it follows that we can choose our reality. What would you like your reality to be? Take a moment, right now…and write down what you would really like your reality to be. When we physically write out our desires, it increases the likelihood of us obtaining them by a factor of 10. So – decide to write it down… right now. No, not after you’re finished reading this, or after you check the computer for new listings or later tonight when the kids are down…take a moment right now. No one is looking, no one will know and I can promise you, this is the first critical step towards your personal success.

Did you do it? Congratulations. Chances are you have what it takes! Want to know? check out the lighthearted take the test on our website.

Now what?

Each day, take a peek at what you’ve written.

Spend a moment or two imagining what it will be like when those desires have been achieved.
And see next week’s blog for the next steps on your journey towards a life of abundance.