This week has been a week of big shifts for a lot of people, far away from many of us in the Canadian market. We’re living in a volatile time, with technological changes, many natural disasters as a result of climate change, political shifts, and a rapidly globalizing world.

Our coach Donald Leonard, who is based out of Cypress, Texas, shared a reflection on the work of realtors in these uncertain times, with reference to Hurricane Harvey.

“Rushes to judgment may not be the way to handle these properties. So many people are so deflated right now, just ‘getting out’ may be what they want to do. But for those of us in this business, looking out for their best interest means sometimes being the voice of reason.”

This raises an excellent point, that I think isn’t discussed often enough. Realtors are in a very unique position because we are both internal and external to some of the most important financial, security, and lifestyle decisions of people’s lives. On one hand, a (good) realtor is trusted, and involved in every step of a family or individual’s decision around their home, seeing the nuances of their desires and fears. On the other, Realtors have the external perspective, expertise, and sober thought that their clients may not have access to.

This means that a Realtor can create an environment of security and clear thought, (with their expertise about transactions, information and experience with the many details, high level negotiation skills, and understanding of the market) that will help their clients be thoughtful, wise, and deliberate in their decisions. The thing is that the realtor needs to be able to do this, and needs to recognize the importance of taking on such a nuanced support role.

I believe this is going to become more and more important. Times are changing fast, and Real Estate clients will increasingly need support in finding the right state of mind to make smart decisions in the housing market. Meanwhile, Realtors will benefit from taking on this role, not only when it comes to referrals and repeat business, but also in staying relevant as technology, automation, and globalization shift the way this industry works.