Do you think you have what it takes to be a top performer in real estate? Do you have the courage to find out?

Imagine living a life where you consistently earn more money than you spend. A life of abundance in terms of money, freedom, security and joy. Imagine the comfort of knowing you have the resourcefulness to produce high-level results regardless of market conditions.

If that appeals to you, you may be a candidate to join Suze on an exciting journey.


There are many things that hold people back from reaching their full potential in real estate and in life. Most of them are internal. Assumptions, beliefs, perspectives, biases, fears – these are the things that can clutter up the mind and keep us from reaching our highest levels of success.

Brilliant coaching creates an environment where we are able to create awareness of our internal hurdles, build pathways to breakthrough thinking and obtain peak performance – consistently.

“Suze is a brilliant coach” as many of her past and current clients will attest.

Highly successful people are not frenetically busy, highly stressed or emotionally scattered.

Highly successful people are aware, self-knowing, observant and responsible – all at a deep authentic level. Want to learn now?

We have a new program. It is very limited in scope.

It’s called Move More People

Suze will take on six new clients, for six months to earn six figures. Applications must be submitted on or before June 20th. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the information in the application. The program will begin July 1st.

This is a rare opportunity that is not likely be repeated.squat by water HR

Suze Cumming has built a reputation of taking many agents to the top of the real estate field. Her coaching services have been highly sought after right from the start of her coaching career in 2007. When Suze completed her International Coach Federation (ICF) Training at Adler in Toronto, her teachers and mentors already knew she held a unique gift that if developed carefully would help many people achieve their greatness. Suze has this uncanny ability to connect with people in a way that is comfortable and non-threatening. She can then help you solve things from your perspective, not hers.

Suze’s coaching style is not about telling you how to build your business and it’s not about taking credit for your success. Suze will help you build a pathway to your success and then together you will overcome the barriers as they appear. (And they will appear) She will be tough, empathetic, loving, resourceful, humorous, strategic and unwavering in her support of your desired outcome.

Suze’s coaching roster has not been open to new clients in several years. She has taken on a very few select new clients now and again those came as referrals from her inner circle. They have all thrived. Suze has so too many requests for coaching to keep a wait list. In designing her new program, Move More People, Suze has decided to take this unique approach to attract the people who could benefit the most from her knowledge, experience and passion for leading people to excellence. The application process is designed to give everyone an equal chance at being accepted into the program.

High-level coaching helps you align with your internal world and create breakthrough thinking that will take you to the top of your field. It works in sports, in the arts, in the corporate world and in entrepreneurship. Suze has proven again and again that it works in real estate.

This is not a journey for the timid or the skeptical. Please take your time to consider the opportunity and determine if you have the commitment to step up to a program of this level. If so, submit an application and include all the information you feel would help Suze choose you.

Please adhere to the rules of the application process to be considered.