Dear Zuess

Would you be willing to share with us if there was a time where you “saw” real estate differently and things changed for you or were you always successful?

Fred, a CNE Student in Edmonton

Dear Fred,

Yes, there was an event that changed everything for me.Choices

My 3 year old daughter Ali was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just a few months after my husband and I had separated. We didn’t have much money as our bike shop had just folded and I had only been back at real estate for a few months. I remember feeling super scared. It took a couple of weeks of reflection to realize that I had a choice to make. I could worry, suffer and struggle through this new challenge or I could rise up and master it. Recognizing that I still had choices was the key that opened the door to my success. I knew that money would go a long way to getting Ali the care she needed and I knew that being highly organized would give me the time I needed to spend with her.

The next few months were interesting. I started getting good listings and putting deals together consistently. I had control of my time and was able to care for Ali. I built my support system and at the same time we changed our lifestyle a lot to assist with our new reality. It worked.

It worked because I started doing only the essentials. I made my calls, I qualified my leads, I avoided potential pitfalls and I solved problems. I didn’t have the luxury of wasting time, energy or money on the non essentials that tend to derail so many well intentioned real estate agents and other entrepreneurs.

This is what I work to help my clients see and when they do, their businesses and their lives change dramatically.

See next week’s blog post about the essentials of real estate.