“I haven’t failed. I’ve identified 10,000 ways this doesn’t work.” Thomas Edison


That last few weeks have been a maze of technical chaos and frustration.

A failed webinar, a botched recording, a dead computer, a new operating system, missing drivers, erased files, Windows 8’s lack of integration, software that uninstalls itself. No way to collect revenue.  I can’t begin to explain it all.  I have a new grey streak in my hair (my mom thinks I had it put in) and my only tactic at this point is perspective.  I am alive; my clients pay me for my brains and experience, not my systems.  My child is healthy!

I have built The Nature of Real Estate as a virtual company.  I can operate it from anywhere.  We have no real estate, my employees and consultants are all in different locations and we work well as a virtual team.  Strategically, this is a great thing.  We are highly flexible, we can adapt on the fly, I am equally as efficient in Halifax, Toronto or Seattle as I am in my hometown of Whistler, BC.   I have the right people on the team.

The flip side?  We are highly dependent on technology.  When the technology fails, we are left without the scaffolding that lets us do what we do.  The learning?  What we really do is help people run highly successful real estate practices and we can do that without the scaffolding of technology if we are prepared and aware.

Prepared and aware means knowing how to reach people without technology.  It means having clarity about what we do that is valuable and it means being good enough to work without the tools.  We can do all of that and so while we flail around trying to reestablish our virtual scaffolding, we are able to offer our clients what they need the most from us.  Knowledge, support, perspective, wisdom, and inspiration.

Along with the newest grey streak, I have gained other wonderful things from this experience.  I’ve reconnected with old friends (techies), I have a much deeper understanding of what The Nature of Real Estate really does, I have a fresh appreciation for the power of humour, and a strengthened sense of confidence from the resilience that these challenges require.  Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Are you prepared for surprises?  Resilience is an essential trait for the successful entrepreneur.  You will have challenges and set backs on the journey to success.  Take stock of what you really do that is valuable and in the face of failure, use that as your compass to get back on track.