“There’s a secret that successful real estate agents know that wannabe real estate agents don’t.

And that secret is this: It’s not the sellling of real estate that’s hard.  What’s hard is doing the business development.

What keeps us from doing the business development is resistance.”

The above quote was revised from the WAR of ART, by Stephen Pressfield.

(I unscupulously replaced the phrase “real estate agent” for “writer” and “business development” for “sitting down to write”.  I highly recommmend this book to anyone who loves to learn through reading.  I found it very powerful.)

Human resistance is what keeps people from doing what they want to do.

Resistance stamps out our dreams, holds us in the status quo, erodes our self confidence and keeps us from accessing our full potential by holding us inside our comfort zone.

The only difference between the successful and the mediocre is that the successful find ways to overcome their resistance.

Successful writers write.

Successful painters paint.

Successful leaders, lead.

Successful entrepreneurs build businesses.  They do the things that are uncomfortable that will build the business that they desire.

Real Estate agents are entrepreneurs, increasingly so, and to be successful, real estate agents must find ways to overcome their resistance to build their business.

This resistance is not unique to our society, to our time or to our culture.  Imagine a young warrior living in a cave with his tribe.  The time to hunt has come.  The men from the tribe will go out into the wilds for many days on end with nothing but hand built spears and they will hunt for large predatory game.  (think saber tooth tiger).  Do you think that the young warrior feels resistance?

The men from that tribe that overcome their resistance and make the kill are the heroes and the leaders.  They are the successful ones in that society.  The others, have the job of carrying home the carcass.

For you to be successful in your society, you need to find ways to overcome your resistance.