Most markets are pretty slow right now. If you feel like you SHOULD be doing real estate work but just can’t seem to get into it, then this is for you.

rest, restore and refuel 3The lazy hazy days of August are finally here and it’s time to give yourself permission to enjoy the final days of summer guilt free, and free of worries or concerns.

Real estate is a full-time commitment. It invades our thinking, breathing and being 24/7 during our peak months. To be able to perform at our very best, we need to take the pressure off for periods of time – rest, restore and refuel. For most of us, August is a great opportunity to do this.

With people away on vacation, the slowing down of many markets and the overall expectations from clients and customers being lower during this time, it allows us to take a little time for ourselves to rejuvenate.

That being said, we can’t neglect our responsibilities or fail to respond to inquiries, but we can adopt a mindset of calm and step away from the day to day stress of our business.

If you are not on vacation but are finding work a little hard to focus on, here is a great solution I’ve been using myself rest, restore and refuel 5for years and many of our clients have adopted successfully.

  1. Establish a bare minimum of business development work you want to accomplish each day. It will likely be something like have 3 conversations with past clients or people in your sphere. Do this early in the day.
  2. Establish what are the essential administrative or customer service items you want to accomplish and complete them early in the day.
  3. Ignore the stuff you should be doing unless you want to be doing it.
  4. Enjoy the rest of the day guilt free since you have achieved the high priority work. You can now do non-work stuff you want to do.
  5. Consider turning you phone and computer off for the afternoons. Revel in the fact you get to enjoy yourself and feel great about it.

Rest, restore and refuel

There is a lot of scientific research that confirms when we take the pressure off –  rest, restore and refuel, we perform significantly better. In fact, it is widely acknowledged the only way to achieve peak performance is balancing action with rest.

The importance of rest and recovery in achieving peak performance