“ Lead generation at it’s finest: maximize your reach, time, and peace of mind” -BoomTown

“Clients are no longer paying realtors to do home searches for them. They expect you to empower them with the analytical tools and expertise” -LeadMax

“Helping Small Businesses Grow. More Leads. More Traffic. More Sales.” -Curaytor

Tech companies selling lead generation systems have valid points, and valid products. It’s a busy fast-paced era and it’s hard for people to find each other through the noise. If lead generation systems are how you find the people who may be your clients, go for it.

But if you don’t have the Real Estate Skills, and the People skills, what are you leading them to?

In our experience, it’s not lead generation that creates businesses people are proud of. It is an essential first step, you need clients to serve.

So what if we used this freed up “time and peace of mind” to be more knowledgeable, more present, and more able to go above and beyond for our clients and leads?

Let’s keep track of what are the means and what are the ends when it comes to building a Real Estate business that is meaningful.