Guest post by Matt Emerson, AREC.

COVID-19 is changing our world, creating issues that we’ve never experienced before in our lifetime. For many, it has become a turmoil of change that makes it much easier to be fearful than remain optimistic. This choice runs the risk of becoming paralyzed, taking the easy choice to do nothing, to wait & see how it all unfolds.

As leaders in our profession, we must recognize this fundamental choice and how it impacts our lives & those we serve.

Imagine a large room, a gallery with high ceilings and an atrium that floods the space with natural light casting both dark shadows and bright light into every corner.

A sculpture stands in the center of the room with a group of people looking upon the object from all sides. Some stand in the light to see the optimistic warmth of possibilities, while others are in the shadow looking upon negative, cold & fearful consequences.

Many people in the room become paralyzed, unable or unwilling to move to see the sculpture from any other perspective.

An effective leader steps into the room and experiences both light & shadow, while at the same time recognizing the many shades of grey in between. Seeing all the perspectives, the leader moves about the room & guides others to shift their view of the sculpture, to see the possibilities to succeed.

In real estate, we are trusted leaders to our clients & colleagues, and we have a massive opportunity to guide & serve those we collaborate with.

Many of our clients and the people in our sphere are faced with life and economic challenges that are beyond what they ever expected. We can help them now by being the voice of reason, not panic. We can supply them with the very best and most up-to-date information so that they can make good decisions. We can listen and understand their fears and worries with regards to real estate and if they must sell or must buy, we can manage the process for them safely.

We are a huge part of Canada’s economy with a responsibility to do our best for our families, our clients & our communities. Be mindful that what you choose to do now will shape your future in our profession. Don’t get stuck standing in a dark corner…move, shift & help others succeed.

Matt Emerson
Professional Coach