Simplify the Path

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Simplify the Path to Success

Real Estate is simple.  Not easy, but simple.

The only way to have success in our business is to have conversations with people about real estate.   

Without conversations, there are no deals because you have no clients. Or not enough clients.  Or not qualified clients.  

Think about it for a moment and let that sink in. 

Is your immediate reaction to this skepticism? Judgement?  Did you skim over that? 

Or are you curious?

Let’s take a deeper look.

If you are working to get leads through social media, you are hoping to be creative enough to get people to call you so that they can have a conversation with you.

If you are buying online leads, it’s because you hope to phone or email people so that you can have a conversation with them.

If you are sending out personalized notes or beautiful emails to past clients, it’s because you hope they will contact you for a conversation or send you a referral.   A referral isn’t a listing or a buyer, it’s an opportunity to have a conversation with someone who is thinking about transacting in real estate.

Door knocking? Networking events?

It makes no difference what you do if you accept that all marketing and prospecting in real estate is just different doors to the same objective. 

The objective is to have conversations with people about real estate.  Without that, you have nothing.

Once you accept that truth, then the real work can begin.

Opportunity is missed by most because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

The work of understanding and overcoming your deep bias against sales activities.

The work of shifting your perspective from what’s in it for me to what’s in it for them

The work of developing the professional communication and negotiation skills required to build connection, trust and respect.

Yes, it’s harder now.  There are fewer transactions, more competition and deals are significantly more complex.  

But real estate is being bought and sold every day and the agents who are consistently involved in those transactions aren’t relying on luck.

When the liquidity comes back into the market, and it will, the agents who have been having conversations with people about real estate will get the lion’s share of the opportunities.