sleep1Bragging about how little sleep you got has become old school as study after study confirms that sleep deprivation contributes to poor performance, an inability to prioritize, increased anxiety, lower enthusiasm, and poor decision making.

Many top CEO’s are speaking out about the importance of good sleeping habits and retooling their corporate cultures to see sleep as the new high performance advantage.

In real estate, sleep can seem like a luxury you can’t afford. You may be up late at night with offers and have days booked full with appointments and administrative commitments. If you hear your internal dialogue saying, “there’s no way!” then it’s time to pay attention.

I have seen many cases of successful Real Estate professionals burn out of the business because they didn’t have the foresight to see the way of the essentialist as the only path to sustainable success. If you are an ambitious, driven over achiever, pushing yourself is not hard. What’s hard is stepping back and saying no (See Master the Art of NO).

It goes something like this. You work hard and obtain some success. More opportunities come your way and since you don’t want to miss out on anything, you say yes to everything. You get busy. Then you get busier. You cut down on sleep so you can get everything done. It works for a while until you start to suffer sleep deprivation. Your mind gets a little cloudy. Your ability to make good decisions weakens. You begin to make a few mistakes. Those mistakes cause problems that take time and energy to solve. You get less sleep. It gets hard to think clearly, difficult to prioritize, tough to negotiate effectively and impossible to see the big picture.

Is this the agent that you want to hire to represent you in the trade of your biggest asset?sleep2     ⇒

Sleep is the driver of Peak Performance. Sleep is a foundation of Essentialism. Do less but better!