Soft Landing Definition: a controlled landing of a aircraft during which no serious damage is incurred.

Soft Landing

The best thing for hot real estate markets parts of Canada has been experiencing would be a soft landing.

This would occur if these markets shifted from fast growth to slow growth.

In this scenario, properties still trade, but the pace changes. The thoughts of the buyers and the sellers shift. This is a fantastic opportunity for skilled agents to increase their market share.

I’ve been writing about EQ, SQ and PE recently. These interpersonal skills will continue to grow in importance as the connection economy develops.

Are you ready?

EQ = Emotional Intelligence. Knowing and managing your personal emotions. Getting yourself out of the way. Making it about them, not you.

SQ = Social Intelligence. Understanding other people’s emotions and having good relationship management skills.

PE = Practical Empathy. The ability to see the world through someone else lens.