Here I was hanging from a cliff with 7 amazing women this past Sunday. We were part way down a multi stage rappel off East Col into Spearhead Glacier. It was a stormy day with high winds and low visibility and the avalanche risk was considerable.

Stepping Into Fear6.png

This was scary for me. I’m afraid of heights, avalanches and crevasses. We had exposure to all of these.

Interestingly, I’ve always found extreme experiences to be excellent metaphors for business development success.

Some of the things I do in business scare the sh#t out of me: Presenting new material to a large audience, Making a cold call to an industry leader, reaching out to people for direct feedback on experimental concepts, submitting proposals for keynote speeches, live coaching demos and the list goes on.

Here’s the thing. When I find the courage to do stuff that scares me amazing things happen. I gain skills, I gain confidence, I have a bigger impact, I reach new people with new ideas, I make a dent.

Stepping Into Fear3

Building a successful real estate business takes courage.

The courage to risk rejection. The courage to be embarrassed. The courage to do the things that make you feel uncertain, uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Success lies beyond the fear.

Here’s an interesting challenge – are you willing to experience 20 seconds of insane courage? What risk will you take?

Step Into Fear 6

~Benjamin Mee: We Bought A Zoo