Four weeks on my boat Reepicheep sailing around Vancouver Island was good for my heart, my soul and my mindset about the work we do in Real Estate.

My most important takeaway was my reflections on change. Like the Real Estate Industry, the wind and the weather changes constantly.  This is what makes sailing interesting.     What I want in terms of wind is not part of the equation.   If the wind is too light we travel slowly or choose to run the engine.  If the wind is on our nose, we beat into it working the boat and the crew hard and dealing with some crew members sea sickness. If the wind is strong and astern we fly like an eagle and our hearts sing, and if the wind is gale force we hunker down in a beautiful anchorage and wait out the storm.

The real estate industry is changing.  Of course it is.  Nothing stays the same and the only constant in the world is change.  So, what are you going to do about it?   Wishing for it not to change won’t work.  Denying that change is happening is sort of like belonging to the flat earth society.  Fighting change is interesting but as we’ve seen from the Toronto Real Estate Boards battle with the competition bureau, an expensive and losing battle.

What if we embrace the change and be a part of the exciting new environment that is emerging?  What if we allow our mindset to open up to the possibilities that are developing moment by moment in real estate? Change will lead to more change and our future success lies in our ability to see the truth, embrace the uncertainty, stop defending the old model, serve the consumer and be willing to change.    Change is hard.   Change is essential.

Someone I met along my travels this summer said to me, people can’t change.  BS.  People can change but it’s deep work.  Let’s work together to be a vibrant part of the industry that we know and love.