Suze has an uncanny ability to guide committed and motivated real estate professionals to the top of the field quickly.  Her extensive experience in the real estate trenches combined with her deep understanding of human psychology allow her to create the perfect environment for peak performance to occur.

Suze currently coaches a unique tribe of highly successful real estate agents across the country.

Accepting applications for coaching Suze is accepting applications for a very small number of spots on her one on one coaching roster for December 1st.  This is perfectly timed to have your customized business plan and action agenda ready for January 1st.  Make 2016 the year you break free of your resistance, clear your barriers, unclutter your thoughts and build a fantastic real estate business.

To be considered for this opportunity you must be currently performing a minimum of 20 transactions per year (or $10,000,000 in sales per year) and have a goal to double or triple your business in 12-24 months.

Additional criteria:

The coaching relationship will have a 12 month focus, with measurable goals identified, but will be based on a monthly retainer  of $1000. At any time, either party can cancel the relationship with 30 days notice.  Your success is guaranteed.  If you do the work assigned by Suze and do not achieve the agreed upon results, she will refund that months retainer.

To apply, email Suze with the following information about you.  Who you are, where you trade, your brokerage, years in business and production levels.  Then, answer the following questions:

Feel free to include anything that you feel is important for Suze to know about you.  Please keep your application to 500 words and any videos that you include to under five minutes.  All information in this application email will be held in absolute confidence.

To learn more about Suze, see her Biography.