Ahead of your prospects?

Ahead of your leads generation?

Ahead of your numbers that define your real estate production awards?

I’m in Kelowna and I am having fascinating conversations with top agents and industry leaders here in the days leading up to a Re/Max CNE1 course.  Much of the conversation revolves around the halting of dual agency in British Columbia and around agent awards since it’s that time of year.

On Teams in BC

The biggest immediate challenge with the new OSRE rules is teams.  Team members will not be able to work with the buyers that have inquired on one of your listings.  This turns the team model upside down. The short-term answer is, “disband the team” so that you are able to serve your sellers and get their homes sold during this time of transition which promises to be tumultuous.  The long-term solution is more complex and we are all working hard to understand what will emerge.

This will disrupt your team branding and your team production numbers possibly effecting where you land in the never-ending competition for recognition on who makes more money in real estate, but if it is in the best interest of the clients who we owe fiduciary duty to, then it’s worth the inconvenience of setting your needs aside.

On REALTOR® awards.

Congratulations to all the award winners who are being celebrated across the country this month.  I know how hard you have worked to obtain the level of professionalism that allows you to serve so many clients.

And I can’t help but wonder how we would perceive doctors, lawyers or any other profession if they were ranked and awarded based on how much money they made.   Other professionals are recognized for things like:  excellence, impact, innovation, collaboration, quality of work, diversity, strategy, philanthropy and other valuable traits.  What impact does this have on the culture and perception of our industry? What could we base our awards on instead?

I see a lot of potential to find creative ways of honouring that which realtors do that is deeply of value. Do you see a starting point?