The Answer is Curiosity

How do we get more listings?

How do we get more buyers?

How do we get more sales?

We don’t want to bother people. We don’t want to be perceived as salezy, and we don’t want to come across as pushy.

Resistance to traditional selling techniques is building; both our own internal resistance and our customer’s external resistance.  The thing about resistance is the harder you push against it the stronger the resistance becomes.

We need new answers.

Is it technology? Is it more marketing?

The Answer is Curiosity 2These things have the potential to expose us to more people but without a solid strategy to connect on a human level, these additional contacts will have little value.

How do we earn a legitimate human connection with another person quickly?

The answer is curiosity.

Not curiosity as a technique, but curiosity as an operating system.

When we have a conversation with someone from a place of curiosity, everything changes. We ask questions that matter, we listen to their answers, we feel their emotions, and we experience their stories. We enter their world and see things from their perspective.

Then, and only then are we able to have a conversation that is meaningful to them.