Many of us chose Real Estate as a career because it can offer a level of freedom not found in a more traditional job. With no real boss and no set schedule, we have the choice to spend our time as we like.

But each choice we make comes with a responsibility attached.

If we choose to have employees or team members to take some of the work load away from us, we also have the burden of keeping them busy and valuable during the times we may choose to be slower.

If we choose to step away from our business for some well-earned time off, we will reduce the quantity and quality of people in our business development funnel.

If we choose to actively pursue business in the slower summer months, we may regret working while others are playing.

If we choose to work with a client that robs us of our energy, it may affect our ability to serve and attract better quality clients.

If we choose to be consistent in our business development we will have the freedom to choose our clients.

If we run our business in alignment with our values we will feel empowered, free of worry and we will attract the type of clients we desire.

Freedom is defined as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.

For us to benefit from the freedom we seek, we would be well served to be very deliberate about the choices we make.