The Future of Real Estate is Bright

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(written 100% by Suze, pic 100% openAI)

What you do matters and is valuable.   That isn’t in dispute.  Even the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the US lawsuits believe and say that what REALTORS® do matters.  

What the lawsuits are about is how commissions are paid.  For the record, I believe that the current system of commissions in real estate is anti-competitive and likely qualifies as a conspiracy.  And, I simultaneously believe that great agents are worth every penny they get paid and then some.  

Real estate news and social media threads are full of agents defending their value, publishing extensive lists of what they do, comparing commission structures to legal fees, defending the status quo, and dooms saying for all the minorities who will be utterly destroyed by any change to the real estate commission structure. 

Here’s how I see it:

  • A highly skilled real estate professional is worth a significant amount of renumeration for their expertise and service.
  • Most real estate licensees are not highly skilled. (sorry, but true)
  • Real estate professionals should be capable of showing their value to a potential client and have that client agree to pay them their requested fee – just like other professions and trades. 

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”


Change is Scary. 

And inevitable. 

The world is changing faster than ever before.

While this is true for real estate it is also true for education, technology, medicine, politics, manufacturing, transportation, even fine art. Virtually everything. 

The people who will thrive in the new economy are the ones who look forward, open their perspective, see the opportunities, learn the new skills and keep their sh*t together.  

The people who will be buying and selling real estate in the years to come are the ones who evolve and flourish in the new economy.   They are not looking for a REALTOR® who is defending the status quo. 

The world isn’t ending.  It’s shifting.  Shift with it.