Most coaching companies espouse the virtues of more leads, more deals and more money. More of everything for the real estate agent, not the client. Most real estate companies measure which real estate agent is best by how much money they make and how many deals they close. Not by their excellence.

Other professions don’t do this. Imagine if we measured doctors, lawyers or fire fighters by how much money they made. Instead, we measure professionals on their ability to achieve outstanding results. A new surgical technique that improves recovery time, a precedent shifting court case, a consistent record of excellence in the field.

16.04.21 Long Game of Excellence

It’s a long game to become excellent at something. It takes continuous learning, practice, collaboration, persistence, creativity and passion for the subject. But being excellent at something is extremely valuable to you, your clients, the industry and even to the world.

The long game of excellence builds respect, trust and integrity. This is in turn leads to a high demand for your services which will allow you to build a business that you can be deeply proud of.

What we do in real estate matters.

The decisions people make about their shelter can affect their lives in so many ways. We help them manage the intersection between the complexity of the housing market and the human psychology of major life decisions.

How do you achieve this excellence?

The best way is to learn while doing. Think of an apprenticeship – a combination of high quality training,  hands on coaching and mentoring from industry elders who are passionate about passing their expertise on to you. Make a commitment to the long game of excellence and you will create a real estate business you can be proud of.