Good News! The Market is Coming Back.

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Good News! the market is coming back

But it remains tricky.

Stop waiting for it to get easier. Putting deals together right now takes work. Sellers are sitting on the fence, and buyers are having trouble getting financing. We have both multiple offers and tough price negotiations. The economy is weird, people are anxious, and power is distorted.   

And market liquidity is returning. This will mean more transactions but not necessarily easier transactions.   

I work closely with my one-on-one clients in setting strategy and negotiating offers.  

It’s a fascinating time, and I am grateful for my 38 years of experience. While each market transition is different, our ability to adapt quickly and learn new skills is essential. This is truer than ever. We have an interesting convergence of change: The uncertainty around the post-pandemic economy, the continuation of tech-enabled real estate tools, and the arrival of AI.

What remains a constant is the importance of the human skills essential in real estate transactions.  

Our ability to communicate effectively, understand and shift perspectives, deal with difficult emotions, overcome objections, and negotiate to earn the business and get deals done are all necessary now.  

The good news is that the real estate market is returning, and the uncomfortable truth is that you’ll need significant professional skills to be an integral part of it.  

“Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”

– Theo Gold