Thank you to everyone who completed the survey from last week’s blog. The information is invaluable to me. I am in the process of calibrating it and designing The Nature of Sales course. 

I have shared the results here for your interest. This report doesn’t include the written responses for confidentiality purposes, but this is what I heard.

High-level sales is not about lead generation, making more money, or learning scripts and techniques to coerce your potential clients to do things that will benefit you.    

High-level sales is the ability to connect deeply and authentically with someone quickly to build the trust required to have a meaningful relationship. This never happens by using scripts. This happens because you have the right mindset, the right inner dialogue, pure intentions, a high level of professional skill, and a model for deliberate conversations. There is nothing easy or quick about doing the work to build these skills but the value of having them is truly infinite. Like all professional development, you must work on your inner world along with gaining practical skills.

I’ll be working on building this course over the coming weeks. I will be looking for an inaugural group to beta test my course content. The cost for the beta group will be $300 for eight one-hour sessions in a group of 11 people. Let me know if you are interested. 

One spot will be for the winner of the draw, and the other ten spots available for any early adopters who want this unique opportunity to work closely with me.   

Based on the survey’s information, my initial thoughts are to offer three versions of The Nature of Sales course eventually.

  1. Group of 30 online live. The cost would be about $500. This would likely be eight one-hour sessions over eight weeks.
  2. Group of 10 high performers online live $2000 by application only (build groups of like-minded professionals)
  3. Pre-recorded videos with Suze to learn at your own pace for about $100.  

All of this is subject to change as I run the Beta group. I’m open to any other thoughts and comments that you might have.  

Let me know if you are interested in the Beta testing group and in the meantime, choose a mindset of curiosity instead of knowing and see what happens.