…are Clarity, Planning and Strategy


Now is the time to be setting the stage for your personal and professional success in 2020.


Business Planning gets a bad rap.  It is something that we all know we should do and most of us don’t.  There are plenty of reasons for this and the one I hear the most from the REALTORS® I is that you don’t believe you will follow it.  When you don’t follow it you won’t reach your goals and you will feel negative emotions such as shame, guilt or disappointment.    Why subject yourselves to this outcome?  Why not just wing it and hope you have an ok year?


I believe that traditional business planning sets you up for this failure.  It’s most often a document that lays out the work you must do to reach a financial goal.  Typically, this work isn’t something you are passionate about.   It’s lead generation – the one thing every realtor loves to hate.


What if you took a different path?   What if your planning was imbedded in our passions.  What if you really wanted to execute your plan?  What if you had a cohesive strategy about how to do that?


If you want 2020 to be a really wonderful year, now is the time to begin the planning process.  Don’t make this into a difficult time-consuming project. This is just you reflecting on who you are, who you want to be and what you want your business to look and feel like.  Leave the numbers out of it at first.   This clarity of what you want your life to be is an essential first step.



“If we don’t know where are going, any road will take us there”. George Harrison


Planning is the next phase and while you may want to include specific numbers for real estate production or measurable lifestyle accomplishments – don’t add anything to your plan that doesn’t make you feel energized and excited.   If writing down that you want to do 35 transactions and make $XX puts a pit in the bottom of your stomach – something is out of alignment and the odds of you executing your plan are slim.  Figure out what you need in revenue to satisfy your personal goals and then simply work the numbers backwards to establish how much business you will need to do to obtain that.  Keep the focus on what you love about real estate instead of the money.


Once you have some goals that are clear and have meaning, and you have a simple plan to get there, now build your strategy to make it happen.   Be honest with yourself about what will get in your way and how you will overcome these challenges. Be creative in building business development activities that you feel good about. Use your personal strengths to be the best you possible. This strategy on how to execute is critical because no one can do work they hate for very long.