The Things We Know and do not Say

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The Things We Know and do not Say


I had a great mentor early in my career who consistently reminded me that the things we know and do not say are our best opportunities to make change, have impact, and succeed.  

As I embark on a new project to bring high-level sales training and coaching to a broader audience through affordable and accessible technology platforms, I can’t help but reflect deeply on that early learning.  

In real estate, what we know and do not say is how I have helped thousands of REALTORS® achieve a much higher level of professionalism, a strong sense of pride in their businesses, and massive success both in productivity and, equally importantly, in quality of life.

What are some of these things?  

Most consumers don’t trust REALTORS®. The reason is that many REALTORS® don’t deserve to be trusted. (Ouch)

REALTORS® are overpaid.  In my experience, agents that build and execute incredibly successful strategies for their clients are worth every penny they charge, but that accounts for a tiny fraction of practicing REALTORS®.

REALTORS® are pushy and irritating.   Not you?  Awesome, but most industry training teaches agents to annoy their friends, family, and sphere of connections. Most people avoid REALTORS® because of this annoying practice.

If you disagree with me, leave a comment, and know that this training might not be for you. I don’t want to convert everyone, just the tribe of people looking for a better way forward.

If you agree, fantastic. Stay tuned.

It is in these truths that the opportunity to excel arises.

When we accept what is true and build a high-quality solution that resonates with the people we want to serve, everything gets more real, more meaningful, and a whole lot more successful.