A good business plan is simple and effective.   It uses your strengths, skills and experience to create a path to your goals.

It begins with clear goals that have real meaning to you.

It ends with a written plan of what actions you will take each day and each week to obtain these goals.

At The Nature of Real Estate, we create customized business plans for our clients. We leverage our expertise with your unique strengths.   This is a month long process that results in the development of highly effective plans that have helped our clients create real results.  More money, more time off, more freeedom.

There is still time to get your business planning process completed before the new year.  We will be happy to create this plan for you without any additional commitment to a coaching program.

Here’s how it works:

It begins with an extensive set of questions about you and your business as well as an on line strengths survey.  This is followed by an hour long discovery coaching session where your coach will learn about you and gather the required information to create your customized business plan.  Your coach will create two plans for you.  The first one is a financial business plan.  This breaks down your financial goal into the number of contacts, leads, and appointments that you will need to reach your goal for the next two years.  The second plan is called the Strategy and System Design.  This is an action plan of what activities you will do each week to fulfill the financial plan.  It is also a two year plan.  There is also a learning agenda that will pinpoint where your highest value learning opportunities are.

This is followed by a second hour long coaching conversation to review and adapt the business plan to make it truly yours.  We will discuss implementation and strategies to stay in action.  At the end of this call, you will sign a personal commitment letter accepting the business plan and taking responsible for it’s execution.


This is the first step in our powerful real estate coaching model.  After the initial month of Discovery and Design, you move into implementation coaching. (optional)   This is a month by month coaching model with no contracts.  You can stop the coaching at any time.  We are completely confident in the effectiveness of our coaching model that we know you will want to continue on the program until you have realized your goals.   Our coaching model also includes a quarterly review to ensure that we are on track to obtain your goals and an optional 360 degree feedback assessment after six months of coaching.

This may be the best deal around.  The Discovery and Design Process includes 2 – hour long one on one coaching sessions, a pre coaching call assessment, on line strengths survey and the development of a highly effective business plan that is customized to your stengths, skills and experience.   Cost for the Discovery and Design Process is $600.  Various coaching programs are available.  See our Website for details.