The middle is crowded!  I say, get out of the middle and you’ll find lots of room at the top.

Take the Tour de France:

Or Corporate LIfe:

Or a Sailboat race:

This is true in sport, in art and in business.

Sure, the peloton has its advantages and one might argue that it is the way of a professional cyclist.  But ask yourself.” Why wouldn’t I want to be at the front of the race?  Why shouldn’t I be?”  I can tell you –  the view is much better.

Watching TV the other day, for the first time in years, I wondered if it wasn’t more true than ever before that TV (still a common time eater) seems to be getting better at dumbing down the middle.

This may make it easier to get through the middle, plan your “breakaway” and reach the spacious and abundant top.

Aim high, stay in the big picture, be smart and don’t get caught up on the comfort of the pack.